Be someone's Devil !


Puss in suit


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ults♡ : I'm a Moroccan student, I speak French and English with a bit of spanish and arabic

✔ likes ✔
Kittens, Rain sound, Cool Breezes, Sun, Fiction, Hot baths, Video Games, Voice Acting, Candy, Ice cream, 20th century music, Coziness, Calm, Singing, Motorbikes, Cooking, Comedy, Learning new things, Dad Jokes, Fighting, Sport
✘ dislikes ✘
Extreme cold, Large groups, Being late, Boredom, Green vegetables ?, Heights, Judgement, Whining, Being Ignored, Arrogance, Lying, Politics

TW!If you don't support dark humor It's not a good idea to come around me.

KINKS!Valorant Voice Acting, Volleyball, Table Tennis and 20th century singing